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Roles, Vision, Principles

Our role

To use professional and innovative service delivery in working respectfully and collaboratively with people, drawing on their strengths and resilience to encourage possibilities of change.

Our vision

To work with passionate commitment alongside people, with belief in their dignity and confidence in their capacity for positive change.

Our principles

  • To uphold human dignity and people’s right to be respected.
  • To foster and support people’s independence.
  • To cast people in the role of agent of change in their own lives.
  • To empower people to identify realistic goals of their own and provide information which will help them make safe and appropriate choices.
  • To strive for excellence in all that we do, aiming at all times for best practice.
  • To encourage the sharing of ideas and resources across our programs.
  • To engage in reflective practice and continuous learning.
  • To promote cultural, spiritual and religious diversity and tolerance.
  • To involve staff in developing high standards of training, education and development.
  • To strive for a happy and supportive work environment which will encourage staff stability, passion and commitment.
  • To develop partnerships with organisations which share our values.
  • To foster accountability and transparency within and between our programs.
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