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Our vision…

“Courage, Commitment & Change”

Our mission…

The Richmond Fellowship Youth Program Team is fully committed to supporting change and growth in the lives of all their young people. We believe that no matter where a young person comes from, what trauma they may have suffered or what hurt they may have caused others; each and every young person is of immense value and can change for the better. We believe that it takes courage and honesty to grow and learn. Richmond Fellowship is committed to growth and learning and as we invite young people to learn and grow, so must we.

From brokenness to wholeness, from despair to hope, from shame to confidence, from fear to strength and from adequate to outstanding. These are the things that we want for all our young people. We believe that with persistence, patience and passionate endeavour, these goals are entirely possible.

Our values…

The Richmond Fellowship Youth Programs has as its 10 Core Values:

                                               Honesty  Integrity  Courage    Service    Respect  

                                          Creativity   Resilience    Kindness   Excellence    Practicality

Our Approach…

The Richmond Fellowship Youth program uses RAP (Response Abilities Pathways) as its model of care whereby it incorporates the Circle of Courage into its daily practice. It is a ‘whole body’ experience where we aim to live the model at home and at work

    We encourage Belonging for our youth. A place of safety and community.

    We teach Mastery so that our young people learn to have mastery over themselves as they gain mastery in situations and new skills.

    We encourage Independence in order for our young people to grow into young adults who can make good decisions which impact well on themselves and others

   We model Generosity so that by giving willingly to our youth, they will give to others too and experience the pride of helping and serving others

Our Principles…

The Richmond Fellowship Youth Programs are guided in everything, by 7 Guiding Principles. We aim to live these principles in our everyday practice. They are:

 1.   Child Centred: It is not through our eyes but through the eyes of the child that we see and learn more clearly what they really feel and need.

 2.   Family Focused: We cannot see the young person without seeing their family too. By building bonds of respect and support, we can help rebuild trust and belonging between the young person and their family

 3.   Relationship Based: Trust relationships form the foundations for life. Young people are hurt in relationship and are also, healed in relationship. By modelling real and respectful relationships with caring adults, young people can learn and know how to develop them for themselves in the future

 4.   Trauma Informed: In order to help one heal and grow, we must first begin to understand the experience of the child and young person. Instead of communicating, “What is wrong with you?” We need to ask, “What happened to you?”

5.   Developmentally Focused: We need to help each other learn and grow within ones capabilities, remembering that chronological and developmental age can be different. We develop best when we are challenged beyond our comfort zones while believing we have a good chance of success.

 6.   Ecologically Oriented: Young people grow and develop within the context of their friends, school mates, coaches and community. This is vital for our young people who are displaced from their own home environments.

 7.   Competence Centred: The combination of skills, knowledge and attitude is competence. We need to encourage excellence of ourselves and give our young people every available opportunity to not only ‘have a go’ but to excel and become great.

“There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: one is roots, the other, wings"


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